A Pictorial Journey Part 4: “Knowing When To Go”

Knowing when to go…


because I know a little of me goes a long way. I do, however, like to talk to everyone I meet. Everyone.


I’m not a glutton. I know when it is time to go. Kind of like that expiration date on a jug of milk.


The WordPress app, for Android, has a really nice notification ringtone. Every time someone comments or likes something on my blog I hear an ascending tinkle of bells! It’s a very nice sound. However, for Facebook, I have installed a fart sound for notifications. That’s how I feel about Facebook.


” Ask not for whom the fart tolls, it tolls for thee!” Facebook just seems to be a whole lot of people talking and farting and no one is listening. I’m a misfit, I like listening and clicking the like button.


Click the Like button if you don’t like this Facebook lady… commonly referred to as a facebook “TROLL”!


She hates everything! Yep, she keeps coming back to Facebook everyday. All day, every day! She’s on my friend list! As Dr Phil would say, ” How’s that working for you?”


Enough about “Fragrant” Facebook.
I like bacon!


More about those bells in part 5. Thanks for following along! I truly appreciate it.


21 thoughts on “A Pictorial Journey Part 4: “Knowing When To Go”

  1. I’m jealous! I haven’t figured out how to make those cool cats lurking on your pages…enjoying the blog. πŸ™‚

  2. This is hilarious. I’m a talker, too, Tom. Sort of like the character aboard the plane. When I was younger I was much too shy to open my mouth. Now I don’t know when to shut-up!

    Enjoy your day. πŸ™‚

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