A Pictorial Journey part 5: “From Wells to Bells”

I’ve walked to the well, an “awakening”. In a perfect world, bells should have been ringing!
I didn’t walk willingly to the well, I didn’t even know it was a well, it was a hole… A bottomless pit and I fell in head first. My whole world was out of control and I couldn’t stop it! Why didn’t I have the power to change the unchangeable? Once I accepted the things I could not change my free fall ended and I found the bottom! It was still absolutely horrible but at least I was standing on firm ground again, albeit in a hole. I had to choose… Should I ask for a shovel and keep on digging or climb out? Who would’ve heard me? Then it hit me… I’m angry! I’m mad as hell! Funny thing, I didn’t know who or what I was angry at. It was pure frustration that was making me angry and that’s when I began to climb out of the hole. My life came flooding back to me… filling that hole. In truth, it was never gone, I was blinded by frustration, self imposed isolation and self-pity…a  buffet of misery. A new experience for me.
You have probably noticed that I have not told you what caused all of this… Because it doesn’t really matter what causes an epiphany, what’s important is that we have them and let them transform us into better people. I was transformed by near blindness or a better, more true, way to say it is, I was given a new and exciting adventure. I am a better person because of it. As corny as it sounds, I am deeper because of it. If it had been a movie, bells would have been ringing! There would have been a choir of heavenly voices!


When I climbed out of that hole, I realized I was standing at the well.


Bells are an important part of my life, doorbells, the ringing of my phone, that wonderful tinkle of ascending bells from my WordPress Android app. The bells are ringing because another human being is there. Sometimes it’s a bearer of good news and sometimes bad. As long as the bells are ringing I am NOT isolated. Ring! I am a seasoned “player” and ready for the game.


I want to be connected, I want to ring bells and I want to hear bells ringing.
Bells ringing from the wellhead. Bells ringing so loud they can be heard from the highest mountain to the deepest hole.
Thank you for being here, thank you for ringing my bell.



16 thoughts on “A Pictorial Journey part 5: “From Wells to Bells”

  1. I had the opportunity to have lunch with a very intriguing man who at some point in his later life lost most of his eye sight, sees outlines but not detail. He led a very active life as an archaeologist, taught at university and brought his students to digs in Iran and Iraq in the late fifties and early sixties…even enjoyed a moment of fame with one discovery. This guy was a real Indian a Jones type and museum curator as well…but quite modest about it all.

    I couldn’t help thinking about you and your blogging wings and couldn’t help but ponder if this might be something Robert would enjoy. Seems he sleeps most of the day…I’m guessing boredom. I’d be glad to broach the subject but feel quite inadequate about explaining how you do it or how TTS works. I most likely will need to start out very basic. This guy is well into his eighties.

    I’d like your help in simply communicating how you use this technology to communicate and if Robert is interested, I’d like you to walk me through the process. He has no family and I will need to have nurses relay information back and forth. His mind is still quite bright…can’t swear to the nurse’s though. 😉

    Are you game?

    • Yes, I am always up for helping people. The best way to start is to ask him what he would like to do. This is a good way to start because low vision is different for each affected person. Also, by knowing what it is he would like to do, you can narrow down the vast amount of options available for low vision. There is not a One-size-fits-all approach. I would start with a list of what he wants to do/needs. I’m happy to help in any way I can. Just let me know.

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