Buffalo Tom Peabody ( A pictorial journey) Part 1


Helen Keller was born and raised in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her ” Major Miracle ” happened there at Ivy Green.
Deaf and blind, since infancy, at a time when the predictable future for someone like Helen was bleak at best, she was growing up like a wild animal that could not communicate with her family nor they with her. Another family might solve this problem by tying her up. (Not an unusual solution in those days.) Someone who was “just” deaf or “just” blind didn’t fare much better. Helen’s father hired a teacher, Anne Sullivan to “tame” the wild and out of control Helen… Nothing more! As outrageous as this sounds, at that time, this choice would have been considered foolish and a lavish waste of time and money.


I will leave the rest of Helen Keller’s magnificent story for you to discover on your own…



I have always been unable to go on at length about Helen Keller without being overcome with emotion. Admiration and gratitude overwhelm me.


I spent the majority of my adult life in Sheffield, Alabama. Tuscumbia, Sheffield and Muscle Shoals, Alabama join together to create what is called ” The Shoals “. My “minor miracle” occurred there.


I named my android phone ” Anne Sullivan “… More about that later…


5 thoughts on “Buffalo Tom Peabody ( A pictorial journey) Part 1

  1. Wonderful and inspiring post! It goes to show that determination is the vehicle for self-growth. Now, with today’s technology we are able to connect with people “out of our reach.” And in terms of technology … I’ve been having an affair with my Mac for years! 🙂

  2. Having a psychotic break from reality was quite comparable to Helen; only thing is, I got to see and hear the horror my break created…I love her quote about character…by the way, thanks for liking my poem, “The Mother’s Mutiny”.

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