I am Buffalo Tom Peabody.

I am NOT the Talking Tomcat You are accustomed to seeing. I do not speak in a high pitched squeaky unintelligible voice. I have real crap on my mind!

My sole purpose is to allow you to laugh at my hi jinks. Since I know everything, you will probably learn a little something along the way. Most of what you will learn from me will be B. S. More B. S. From me to add to your existing B. S.


61 thoughts on “I am Buffalo Tom Peabody.

    • I’m at a loss here… I use TTS for the blind which reformats the page for me. so I don’t know what selectors and buttons are available for visitors. It should be the same as other WordPress pages… notice I said should be?

      • ha sometimes you have to add the follow by email button, would it help if i figured out the steps for you? a lot of people follow in their reader but i’m one of the nuts that doesn’t …lol

      • Now that you mention it, I setup my blog on the mobile app because that is how I am able to use TTS but I can go to the desktop view and tinker with the settings. I’m like you, I like to get the posts in my email as well because I have more response options there than I do on the WordPress app. I will check out my WordPress dashboard and see what I can do.

      • You know, I don’t think I will ever learn the Facebook ropes. The newsfeed on my personal page makes me nuts. So I just shut it down for the summer. πŸ™‚ I love the fan pages and group pages. Especially when people participate.
        I have a lot to learn….

      • there’s so much to learn, both in the WP and FB …world! i took down my personal page about a year ago, to walk away from my past and abusers, now i just have FB for blogging..

      • I know what you mean. That is exactly the direction I’m heading. Twitter is a lot of fun, I like it because it is fast. Keeps me on my toes. πŸ™‚

      • it’s so freeing! Twitter sure can keep you busy! another tip, you can add a fb and twitter link to you site, so people can follow right from your site. wink!

      • I would love to do that. but I cannot get my TTS to cut and paste web addresses. twitter has a box for a web address so I was able to put my wordpress address on there. TTS is a wonderful thing for blind people but its limitations can be frustrating.
        Hey! I just finished reading your blog post. parts 1&2. You really caught me off guard. πŸ™‚ I’m thinking about my own list. Great post!

      • If you ever need any help with things let me know! TTS sounds like a pretty great system despite the limitations! Do you answer questions about living without site?

        Thank you so much about my post, I can’t wait to see your list!!

      • Thank You! About my list? You have given me an idea for a series of posts on my blog….” Do you know what I like? ” πŸ™‚
        Occasionally, not often, I do post about low vision and blindness. Hopefully trying to demystify it. I guess I don’t take myself very seriously. It has always been my nature To be positive And cheerful. I am very much the Buffalo Tom Peabody on my Blog. I’m telling my story. πŸ™‚

      • You’re idea sounds cool! I’ve worked with some unsighted people and one lady said i was the first person to assist her that was actually willing to talk about it with her and ask questions. so i guess i would ask, do you appreciate people asking or is it an annoying thing to you?

        i love that you don’t take yourself too seriously, you always make me smile!

      • I don’t really know how to answer this question. Blindness is no big deal to me. Everybody is disabled in one way or another. Most people cannot fix their car if it breaks down, you could say they have a disability in that area. So they get someone who knows how to fix it to fix it. And no one questions that. The examples are endless. I view blindness as just another adventure, an adventure that requires a white cane and some creative problem solving. I am a happy person who has always craved adventure. here is a brilliant quote from my hero, Helen Keller, ” The world is filled with suffering… The world is also filled with overcoming.” Helen did not believe that disabled people should be treated differently… Disabled people should be treated just as kindly as you would treat anyone else. She also knew that blind people were willing to do all of the work necessary to fit into the sighted world. All sighted people have to do is… let us. It sounds like a fair enough deal to me!

      • I hope you weren’t offended, by my question, i don’t see blindness as a disability per se. just a different way of life that even comes with some gifts of it’s own. you’re right we all have disabilities. i have one that people couldn’t see if they looked at me, but it’s a pretty rough one.
        The lady I talked too had been sighted all her life and lost her sight in her 40’s she was adjusting to a whole different world and needed to talk about it. I asked her if she could still see in her dreams and she could.
        do sighted people let you in?

      • Oh dear, I wasn’t offended at all! I spend so little time thinking about blindness so questions about it always takes me by surprise. πŸ™‚ I would be a terrible public speaker on blindness. πŸ™‚ I do know that blindness is different for every blind person. Unique challenges coupled with unique solutions.
        In my life I have contributed to public service by serving on many Commissions For The Blind and Disabled, Working with mayors and city council representatives where I lived. So, I was more than let in. πŸ™‚ My career as a backup singer in Nashville was not hampered in any way by my blindness either. I’ve been very lucky. I also worked very hard. I have always looked forward, never back. Well, that’s Buffalo Tom Peabody in a nutshell! πŸ™‚

      • That’s so awesome!! I’m glad you weren’t offended! It sounds like you’re living a very full life! Want to spill some of that over here! lol! what kind of music do you like??

      • One of the problems with TTS? I always have to keep my sentences short so I can check to make sure that they are accurate, the TTS system sometimes gets what I say all wrong… sometimes inserting foul language that I did not use! you’d be surprised how many innocent words can be phonetically translated into dirty words by TTS. TTS is a miracle and I am thankful for it! but I do have to be very careful. sometimes I cannot use the words that I want to use, because TTS has no reference for it. so, that coupled with the short choppy sentences can make my comments sound terse and angry. when I’m not! this is why I rarely comment on blog posts. also why I don’t write longer articles even though I would love to.
        Capitalization of the first letter of every sentence has to be done manually, if I want to be fussy. πŸ™‚
        My favorite music is rhythm and blues and also traditional country music.

      • Oh you could have some fun with the words then, if i get any of those words, you know you’re going to get some bantering and a hard time right??!! lol

        I love R&B and Country!

      • I forgot to tell you about the things that TTS leaves out when it is reading to me! like not telling me that I just hit the send button… πŸ™‚ a person has got to have a sense of humor. πŸ™‚

    • Your welcome. I tried to comment on your post, But sometimes my TTS will not function properly in some comment boxes, for some unknown reason.
      I wanted to tell you how courageous I think you are, These stories must be told and I can only imagine how difficult it is to tell them. They are also difficult to hear but I believe we must hear them. You are my hero, you are helping people. You are saving lives by telling your story.
      Thank you, so much.

  1. Hi Mr. Buffalo Tom Peabody
    I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! It’s one of those (kind of lame) awards that’s been going around in the blogosphere :
    The β€œSunshine Award” is awarded to bloggers who β€œlight up the dark corners of our minds” and β€œpositively and creatively inspire others in the blogoshphere”
    You can follow through at this link http://mcsirishart.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/sunshine-awards/
    Thanks for spreading the joy πŸ™‚

    • I feel honored to be nominated for this award. I am unable to comply with the rules of the award, however, My TTS ( Text to speech and speech to text for the blind) Doesn’t support many of the posting functions available to other users. Simple ” Click and share” Is about all that is available to TTS users. 😦 TTS definitely has it’s limits but without it I couldn’t do anything, so I am grateful for it.
      Thank you for the nomination, it makes me happy to know I can make another person smile.

      • You certainly make more than me smile – my partner and her daughter laughed out loud at your youtube “American Idol” – now there’s universal appeal! Your talent for humour really is fantastic – a total winner every day in my book πŸ™‚

  2. I came over to explore parts of your site I’d not been to. It’s so much fun to discover and learn and I especially appreciate that you are open to questions concerning sight. I had three eye surgeries as a child. I suffer from double vision. Initially, as a child I was considered, wall-eyed. The muscle surgeries were an attempt to straighten my eyes. I’ve used prism lenses, but eventually gave up due to severe headaches and eye pain. In my mid-forties I developed a thyroid condition that resulted in Graves Opthamology. Two years ago the mole in my left eye was thought to contain cancer within the iris. Again, this is just one more reason I consider you an inspiration! The fear of losing eyesight is terrifying, but you show this world that eyes are not necessary in order to see truth. Thank you for that!
    Have a good evening. The sleep bug has bitten me. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you, so much, for your story. You demonstrate the reason why I am so attracted to blogging. Unlike other social media, Bloggers put their best REAL SELF out there. Then the blogging community, along with the author, discuss and dissect it… It’s the human condition in all of its guises. This opportunity to connect with other people is a precious one. It is also endlessly inspiring for me. You’re wonderful and kind words, help me to know that when I wake up tomorrow, I will be a better person than I was today.

  3. Thank you very much for reading my Tolkien post at Part Time Monster. I love your gravatar and your sense of humor. I’ll be sure and subscribe to your YouTube channel once I make sure I’ve got you on my Twitter list for bloggers. Cheers!

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  5. I know you’ll appreciate this story. Yesterday my sister took my mother to vote in an advance poll for Canada’s federal election. After a long wait in line it was Mom’s turn. She explained to the official she was visually impaired, would try to manage with her magnifier but if not could my sister assist her. Holy crap, had she only known the measure of calamity she unleashed! Election official is now demanding Mom produce her drivers license. “I’m an 80 year old blind woman, how about I drive you home” she replies.Un-amused official snorts, Mom fumes in line for ten minutes while official huddles with her cohorts. Finally in desperation, Mom pulls out her CNIB card. “I guess you’re blind after all” says official. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you” says Mom. πŸ™‚

    • Oh dear… Good to know that people are the same everywhere. Who knew us blind people had so much power? I hate to say this but it’s called bigotry when a person cannot go about their daily business, like everyone else, without causing a commotion and being treated as if he or she isn’t quite good enough or capable enough. People don’t understand a lot of things, blindness among them. When it happens once, it’s humiliating. When it happens on a regular basis, it’s demoralizing. It is your mother’s ballot and her right to vote. What she chooses to do with her ballot is up to her NOT an election official. Sorry, Valerie, I didn’t mean to climb on my soapbox but I get tired of “showing my papers”… Give my best regards to your mother! Also, thanks for telling your story, it helps promote understanding.

      • Now for my soapbox rant –
        As a rule most people don’t have the foggiest notion what visual impairment means.In their heads people with poor vision wear corrective glasses, the blind tap white canes. People like my mother raise eyebrows because she appears to be managing just fine on her own. Few consider the chasm of impairment that lies between.corrective glasses and utter darkness. Most are oblivious to determination/coping mechanisms that allow the visually impaired to get through a day. Mom has cone dystrophy, an irreversible degenerative condition resulting in large black holes in her sight. Those holes move about, growing ever larger as time goes by. She can’t read, make out facial details or judge distances. Magnification doesn’t help because those black holes keep moving before she has a chance to focus on text or images.She can however walk down a street thanks to a determined self taught method of constantly darting her eyes back and forth – as such, ignorant people roll their eyes (at airports, bus stations etc) when she walks up asking for help. If they only knew what it took for her to make it there in the first place.

      • Thanks for telling your mother’s story. I think that’s the first way of helping others to understand disabilities.
        Years ago, a complete stranger helped me negotiate the busy Denver Airport so I wouldn’t miss my flight. I was just about to miss my plane when a friendly voice said “I’ll I’ll get you there! Hang on!” her name was Lily and she was 18 years old. We made it with time to spare. When I thanked her she replied, “It’s my privilege.”

  6. I’m a wee tad confused (not unusual), but okay did you leave WordPress and open another blog (version 2) someplace else? ‘Cos NEITHER of ’em are letting me see the content of the blog post…I see the graphic tom, flying monkey and uh, that one other thing, but nothing else. Okay. Maybe dog folks aren’t being allowed or something?

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